07 Sep 2014


I was oblivious to what we had created with DEGENESIS over ten years ago for a very long time. After the original publication in 2004 my life was meandering through several very important stages. Spent years in San Francisco working at Massive Black, then I worked at Marvel Comics where I created roughly 350 covers in the period of five years. All of that eventually led the foundation of SIXMOREVODKA, the company and design studio I’m currently running out of Berlin. It was spring 2012, when I was thinking of a personal project I could invest my personal time in. By accident I stumbled over this site: http://www.fraktal-endzeit.com
DEGENESIS Larp! I had never seen those images before, but I was blown away by the love and care these people put into their costumes. I looked around and saw so many of my ideas from the first edition brought to life in a exciting and respectful way. I called Chris to discuss right away:
“What if we relaunched DEGENESIS? I mean, not just a relaunch. We do it from scratch! 10 year Anniversary! We could do it the way we wanted to 10 years ago when we were kids and had no clue about publishing, no contacts and no money. “
“Hmm, maybe I could rewrite a few passages and adapt the rules?”
“Let’s do it!”
We estimated a good 3-6 months of development, optimistic that we could reuse a lot of the old stuff. Well, we were too optimistic. Within a few short weeks we realized that we wouldn’t keep our estimation and that this thing would need to be rebooted from zero to be A) successful and B) hit the quality mark we aimed for. We went ahead step by step, looked at all the negative feedback (from the first edition) first and tried to get those parts straight before we entered the full revision of the book.
What a roller coaster ride. Originally we estimated 2 Books times 256 pages each. We wanted to make it a nice and comfortable package. Half way through, we realized it wouldn’t be enough, so the page count went up to 296, then 304, 330 and finally 352. Around March 2014 it seemed this project would never end. By that time we had accumulated so much material that we had to start filtering again. The page count was bursting from information and I was discussing with Chris if more rules or more artwork was needed. Overall, I had to take out over 50 illustrations that I planned on having in the book. They are now awaiting the light of day in follow up materials.

Here are a few of the original drawings that I’ve done for the REBIRTH EDITION back in June-July 2012.