29 Aug 2014


DEGENESIS is not just a game. It’s a universe. A whole world lies in front of us to explore.

“What’s the big deal about RPG’s?” you may ask. Well, they are the mother of all modern day video games. No other medium is so concerned about creating and building consistent worlds. So, to be able to dive into the world of DEGENESIS and bring it to life on a transmedia level, we needed to set the foundation and groundwork to explore all those different regions. In the past two years we’ve invested time and energy to see where we can bring DEGENESIS next. The trailer was the start, an early beginning. By translating the strong visual elements into a classical screen format: making the figures come to life, seeing how the costumes would work in an actual context and background, we forced that universe to become reality.

“What’s next?” you ask. The sky’s the limit! Comic books, toys, board games, card games, whatever you can think of, we’ll dive right in and explore it, without losing the vision of what we wanted to do in the first place: telling rich and exciting stories that are not influenced by producers and directors who tell us “you can’t do that!”

SIXMOREVODKA is a small team of impassioned artists and designers. We want to make stuff that has meaning, purpose and is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. For us, that means paying tribute to the richness of the world whenever we chose to take it that next step further. In the next few weeks we’ll show you guys some stuff that we’ve been cooking on our stove. Until then, join the board and get your previews first hand.