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[One Shot] Homo Homini Lupus Est

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by klatschi Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:56 pm
Hey guys,

I am dropping on and off Degenesis all the time, I love the setting and the style, I love the work Marko and his team are doing here. However, I do not have a regular group to play Degenesis atm and therefore I am around here only seldomly.

Anyway, some friends and I decided to do a One Shot in Q1 or Q2 and to get them interested I’ve prepared a trailer.
Please bare in mind that it’s the first time I was doing something like that and since I am super lazy, I just did it with iMovie. Therefore, nothing fancy, just a video to transport the mood of the setting.


Before you have a look: I have disabled comments, so please comment here if you like :-)

German version:

English version:

Okay, so what’s the buzz, tell me what's a-happening…

A) The story the players know:
They are living in a small clan, somewhere in the woods. The Štriga, possibly the clan witch or a priestess, lost contact to their forest god and kids went missing. They saw a stranger do that to the Štriga’s pupil and decide to follow its tracks in order to find the kids and to rise in the ranks of the clan.

Basically, that's it, they do not need to know more, because of 3) Preparations...

The true story
SPOILERS: If any of my players happens to stumple across this threat, do not read further or you will suffer the consequences (which is much less fun on the gaming table ;) )

Our adventure takes place in Voivodat Dalmazia, our heroes are living in a small village. It's pretty isolated and the elders want to keep it that way, therefore they've installed a taboo around the village - basically the clan members are only allowed so far, if they go further, they'll trespass certain religious boundaries. The only ones knowing about the world around are the village elders, the Štriga and that's it, basically.
The Forest God is a Dushani, roaming around (therefore, it's not hard for the village to stay isolated and it's not hard for the taboo to be installed. Strange things happen as soon as you leave the perimeter. The Štriga is the clan witch, she is using Muse and therefore communicates with the Chakra in Balkhan, understanding the Dushani and interpreting the information given to her.

However, Buzdovan is interested in incorporating the village to his reign but he's unable to a) persuade the Elders and b) to gain a firm grip due to the Dushani. An opportunity arises, when a rogue Spitalian named Dr. Ellan asks for permission to stay for a while. She is a follower of Dr. Vazco and wants to experiment on the primer. Buzdovan sees an opportunity to get rid of the Dushani and to have a bit of pressure put on the village.
Dr. Ellan is hiding in an abandoned hospital deep in the woods that she found with the help of her "BFF", a Paler she names Blink. She is working with the remnants of a Apocalypic flock (a fact that Buzdovan should never find out). With Apocalytics and Blink she managed to imprison the Dushani and start experimenting on it. Thus, the Štriga lost contact more or less.

She wants to test a theory that the human body can develop some form of antibodies against the primer by being infected with specific doses of the according Burn, maybe also in combination with other spores. Thus, she needs kids that are not too old, being able to experiment on them. Good to have Blink who knows his sneaksy ways around. Howeber, Blink gets careless - and our heroes have a reason to start becoming active.

3) Preparation
The clan is not fleshed out: This will be done at the gaming table, everybody is allowed to give me some ideas about clan life. They do not even know that they play in a modern world, since the clan's tech level is medieval (with a few exceptions). So far, we've mainly played Symbaroum so they will be reminded of the barbarian clans and will likely jump to conlcusions that it's fantasy / medieval again. But you know: Tech stuff you don't understand is nothing more than magic.
Players can decide upon archetypes, like warrior, tracker, hunter, student of the medicine man and such. Still have to come up with the final ones. Since it is a One Shot, I plan to be very liberal with Potentials: If it suits the story, I'll use it, not minding the clan. I will redesign the player sheets so they do not get an hint. It will be glorious :lol:

Additionally, I will give them some XP already, fighting could end very massakery methinks, if there are Apocalytics and a Paler running around and our heroes are only equipped with medieval gear. For me, it's all about the cinematic feel of the adventure, so I do not mind.

That's it so far, basically. More when I thought about the archetypes
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Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:47 pm

Re: [One Shot] Homo Homini Lupus Est

by MarcU Wed Mar 11, 2020 12:52 am
Hi Klatschi,
I'm myself starting @Degenesis, and looking for a home-brewed one-shot scenario because I don't want to start the big official campaign right out, and find Embargo insufficient.
That's how I stumbled on your post.

I see nobody reacted to your ask for suggestions on Clans.
Are you aware of the "Artifacts" unofficial supplement ? It contains sections about Cultless (I thought the definition of Clans is that these are groups living outside the cults, but there may be nuances...), creating Settlements, additional Clans (many unfinished)

Links to the Artifacts may still work [url viewtopic.php?f=8&t=894]here[/url]

And, the very reason for my message: did you get any further in your preparation ? :D

Hope this helps,
Thu Mar 05, 2020 9:10 pm

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