Anubian Ka rank?

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Anubian Ka rank?

by PrettyPurpleStreamer Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:54 pm
Been reading through all of Primal Punk Rebirth (next up - Katharsys) in order to prepare for my first Degenesis game and first time GMing a tabletop campaign, and noticed something in the Anubian section of the cult chapter.

One of the prominent figures (or interesting characters? There's no heading) is Naku, of Borcan culture, Chosen concept and Ka rank in the Anubian cult. It tells of a Spitalian who joined the Anubians 30 years ago, and "Since then, he has been through thousands of catalysis, has transformed his body into a pure vessel of Ka. The Psychovores avoid him, and the portals in Cairo open for him, too. Between books of the dead, nanite canopic jars, and ancient machinery, he’s getting ready for the end of the cycle."

Searching for the isolated phrase "Ka" in the Primal Punk pdf only refers me to the mystical force related to waves in the Anubian belief system, and searching for it in Katharsys doesn't yield anything.

Is it a secret/hidden rank/progression in the cult tree that the GM is expected to create with their own initiative, or a typo, or a feature not fully implemented that I might find in one of the expansion books/the next planned version of the handbook?

Would really appreciate feedback because as I've been going through each Cult section, Anubians were the most entertaining/fascinating since Chroniclers (in my opinion) and I've made a forum account just to finalise my understanding of them.
Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:32 pm

Re: Anubian Ka rank?

by Xion Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:46 pm
Hi and welcome to the world of Degenesis!

As you have already guessed, the 'Ka' rank is a tease of what the Anubians might become at the end of their journey.
Since Degenesis has such a strong emphasis on narrative play you'll find that the rules and source books only portray some aspects of the complex world.
There are, however, many hints and intentional 'gaps' for the GMs to fill at their leisure.

One word of advice though: Degenesis is not that beginner friendly and many more questions WILL arise when you dive into the lore and start preparing for your sessions. So, you might wanna check out the Discord server, where the community is much more active than here and happy to answer any and all questions concerning the world, gming or the origins of the almighty neckless clan!

The link is here :
Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:57 pm

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