29 Aug 2014


DEGENESIS has a rich history. It’s creators and players have contributed to the development of the game world over the years. Ideas were generated and input was crucial.

When we first decided to launch the REBIRTH EDITION, we realized that we’re standing in front of a mountain of background information, that needed restructuring and focus. To be able to relaunch the universe and lay the ground work for proper follow up materials that will expand the background into different media, we needed a comprehensible start. So the idea of a full revision of the core books was born. We wanted to filter through all the ideas that were shelved over the years and start expanding on the story and plot of the world so new readers would find it attractive, and old players would still find a lot of new stuff in there.

What started with a few minor updates, turned into a complete overhaul of the game system itself, the unraveling of the mythology of Degenesis and it’s vast Metaplot and the chance to finally drive the story forward that we started telling over ten years ago. With every page rewritten, we found new ways and angles to explore the world and create an updated version for a modern reader, that still retains the charm of the first edition but also allows us a new perspective into the history of the world.

Every design decision was influenced by the visual overhaul first. Back when we first launched Degenesis, we were constrained to Black and White images. Even though we knew what the world was looking like in full color, we couldn’t fully explore it. With the REBIRTH EDITION we are finally able to witness the richness of the world and it’s inhabitants in full color. We’re able to see the blue gowns of the Neolibyans and the white alpine harnesses of the Hellvetics. There is no second guessing anymore, the images make the people of the world come to life.

Step by step, throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing a behind the scenes glimpse into the REBIRTH EDITION, the changes, the design decisions and challenges we faced. Enjoy! And if you want to discuss, come and join our forums and share your thoughts.