The Baptist Altair is dead.
Beyond the Alps, in far away Purgare, he was maliciously murdered.
His hometown and ancestral seat, Lucatore is the site of the crime.
Chroniclers, Jehammedans, Hellvetics and Lombardi, arouse suspicion in equal measure. They all have their dirty fingers burrowed deep into the soil of the region, drawing borderlines with bloody swords and loaded guns. The delicate balance between the Cults is about to tip. Somebody has to determine the murderer before false accusations end in declarations of war.
The clock is ticking.
But with every day that passes, the abyss of hate, distrust and betrayal gapes wider. With every step of the investigation new secrets swell into daylight, threatening to drag the inspectors into ruin.



The first 100 pre-orders will receive a signed and numbered copy of DEGENESIS: IN THY BLOOD. In addition, those lucky 100 with each receive a limited, archival quality art print, signed and numbered by Gerald Parel.


IN THY BLOOD is the first regional campaign book for DEGENESIS: REBIRTH EDITION. Featuring exclusive content such as:

  • Hardcover
  • 104 pages, full color / illustrated by Marko Djurdjevic, Gerald Parel, Michal Ivan and the SIXMOREVODKA team
  • Regional overview of north Purgare, along with Territorial Region III, as well as the Anabaptists Zone of Influence
  • City overview of the ancestral seat of Lucatore, along with in-depth information on the Cloister of the Anabaptists, the Elysian Oils and the regional history of the Broken Cross
  • Fully developed NPC’s whom are intertwined with the plot and allow for countless adventure and gameplay options
  • An elaborate adventure, “IN THY NAME” drags the characters into deciphering the secrets and clandestine events that are buried within Lucatore
  • Lavish maps and background information allow for in depth campaign play. A corresponding epilogue uncovers the future political development of the region